This blog entry is going to be brief. It’s also going to be unapologetically Christian the way porn is unapologetically pornagraphic and Criminal Minds is unapologetically disturbing and SpongeBob SquarePants is unapologetically weird and creepy.

Let me begin at the end: Using tragedy to prop up a social or political agenda is wrong.

When a mass shooting occurs, there may be arguments to be made about gun control or about the sanctity of the second amendment or about any number of peripheral issues, but NOT RIGHT THEN. Not by us.

Right then, we mourn with those who mourn.

Right then, we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities and powers and rulers of darkness and spiritual wickedness.

Right then, we who are armored and armed rely on weapons that are not carnal but that are mighty to the pulling down of strongholds.

Right then, we follow the heart of the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords to those he called “the least of these” and do for them what we’d do for him…

And maybe that’s the problem. Maybe all we’ve done is make him the poster child for our favorite cause. Maybe we want to fly him alongside our flag and give him a brief nod in our pledge and display some of his most moving expressions on gilded plaques and hope he’s with our favorite team, but God help us (seriously, help us) if he shows up with a battle plan on a day we weren’t doing much beyond liking a few posts about how we could solve the latest crisis if everyone just thought like a Republican/Democrat/Libertarian/Socialist/whatever.

I don’t expect everyone, even many of my Christian friends to “get” this. It sounds like a lot of hooey, this spiritual battle stuff. But I believe in things I cannot see. The greatest enemy I ever stood against had no face I could read, no flesh I could tear. And a lot of people who have never heard the name of Christ as anything more than a curse word know exactly what I’m talking about.

So, warriors, let’s not be strong merely in our opinions, our moral outrage, our political preferences. Let’s do as we’ve been instructed: Let us be “strong in The Lord and in his mighty power.”

Oh, and forget about stocking up on shells. This is one gun fight you should bring a knife to. Or a Sword. Preferably one you’ve handled a bit lately.

That’s the Word, and I’m a witness.


6 thoughts on “About Weapons: A Message for Christians

  1. Your comment about flying Jesus along side our flag reminded me of something a couple of authors have addressed: We American Christians have confused our relationship with God with the American Dream. As it turns out, following the Gospel and fighting the battles you describe lead us pretty far from the American dream. In fact, we may have to give up that dream all together in order to further the Kingdom. You’re right. This really isn’t a time for political rhetoric. No tragedy is the right time for that, if there ever is a right time for political rhetoric that is often so meaningless that we barely listen to what’s being said anymore. Good post. Made me think. Thank you.

    1. Agreed. Political diatribes remind me of barking dogs I just want to silence. I’m certainly not edified or moved by the noise. And to some being Christian and American (or USA’n) are the hallmarks of spirituality. Like God’s Kingdom has 50 states and a two party system of government.
      Great points, Lisa. Thanks for reading and responding.

  2. What day do you pick to stop the violence? If you see an alcoholic beating his wife. Do you say, okay, let her morn and recover and him sober up? If that is what you wait for then you may end up waiting forever. This mass shooting is not a rare event or even an uncommon one. So far this year 296 mass shooting have occurred. This one is only different because this attack killed the most people this year (though four other attacks came close).

    1. Hi, Francis!
      I happen to know quite a bit more about alcoholics and battery than I ever planned to know. And I don’t think my post indicates that anyone should stand by and blithely allow people to be harmed.(Anyone who knows me would find such an implication ludicrous.) So I’m not sure what you are taking issue with. Would you please clarify?

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